You have the talent and you don’t know what to do next…  Ask yourself:

  • How good are your songs?
  • How can I become a better writer, a better artist, a better singer?
  • What does it take to create great songs – not just the all-important HIT songs?
  • How do I advance my career by improving my live performances?
  • How can I improve my demo or master recordings and mixes?
  • How do I find writing collaborations or band mates?
  • What do I need to do on-line to build my fan-base?
  • How do I shop my song masters to record labels, music supervisors, artist managers and agents?


MARK MAZZETTI and Record Company In A Box will provide the development that can help you achieve new standards of greatness and increase your potential for success……See the ABOUT section for more details.

Contact MARK MAZZETTI for more information and consider these Services IMMEDIATELY AVAILABLE TO YOU via SKYPE!!!

Join MARK MAZZETTI for Skype session or sessions that includes follow up emails and phone call providing professional commentary and guidance!  I will review your demos or masters (and listen to them PRIOR to our session) and provide direction in how to improve the writing, singing, arrangements and mix/mastering.  I am expert in the areas of ALTERNATIVE, POP, ROCK, COUNTRY and HIP HOP/R&B.  The guidance and analysis you will receive from the start of a Skype session through the follow up emails and phone call will cover all I can suggest to develop your music, recording process, possible collaborations and how to present your demos or Masters to the recording industry, managers, artist agents and record labels/distributors.

For ONE Skype Session the cost is: $225.00 (one hour session) including follow up email and phone call follow up). We schedule each Skype session by mutual agreement, no matter what time zone you are in. When you purchase the session (s) via PAYPAL, you will also submit your music and lyrics and biographical material via our SUBMIT YOUR MUSIC link. We will contact you to schedule our creative time together.

For TWO Skype sessions: $425.00 (one hour EACH/two different dates) including follow up email and phone call.

For SIX Skype sessions: $1,225.00 (one hour EACH/six different dates)


For all other Skype packages (month long sessions and local to Los Angeles, in-studio sessions) and to ask us ANY other questions, please write for more information to:

We provide these Services:

World-Wide A&R / Record Production / Artist Development / Film-TV Music Placement / Mix and Mastering Consulting / Radio and Digital Marketing Strategies / Management-Agent Consulting / Record Label Shopping Services

We develop your songs and your masters….Once you establish your recording, mixing and mastering budget and the recordings are complete, let us SHOP your record deal and find PLACEMENTS for your masters in Film and Television.  If you have finished ‘Masters’ and are in need of a successful PLAN —-  For ALL of these long-term Services, CONTACT us so we may show you the way to success!

We work with you to plan each critical, strategic move – from making your record or EP or single to setting it up for release.  We work to assist you in finding management and booking agents and in hiring additional teams as needed to execute digital marketing, publicity and radio strategies.

At RECORD COMPANY IN A BOX we provide guidance based on real experience and success. We are the RATIONALE that helps you succeed.  We know what you may not know.  We ask questions that are not usually thought of but are NECESSARY for you to be successful.

All PLANS and RATES are tailored to your needs.  This is a business based on ‘art’ and the need for ‘commercial success’ the reaction of popular culture to your music, image, touring…  We will fashion a plan at a cost that is reasonable and leaves room for all the magic that will unfold as we move forward day to day.

We provide detail plans in writing based on proposed PHASES of development.  Our services are offered on a world-wide basis…  We are SELECTIVE about who we work with so please present your professional best when contacting us.